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BLUEHOST REVIEW – Hate / Love It (2020)

REVIEWS AND EXPERT OPINIONS BLUEHOST Bluehost offers good service and usability on the basic features, but my conversations with customer service have been extremely disappointing. Since the prices are nothing special

SEMrush:- Reviews, Full Test, Pricing and 7 days free as a bonus!

SEMrush Reviews and Tool Features with Pricing If you are a site owner and want to work on your SEO (among other things), let me introduce you to SEMRush Magic

E-Learning Authoring Tool Review

Do you want to create an e-learning tools learning experience for your employees, your pupils, your students, or even your clients? Don't know which authoring e-learning tool to use? Do

The Pixel 5 Review : will Google sacrifice the processor to make the device more affordable?

A new rumor suggests the Pixel 5 won't use a high-end processor, but the Snapdragon 765 SoC (the same processor as the OnePlus Nord). Google's first two 5G smartphones, the

Towards a (big) environmental problem for wireless charging?

The increase in electricity consumption due to the switch to wireless  "The world would probably be better off if we all stuck to good old-fashioned plugs, " regretted Ravenscraft, following a post

Honor 9X Review : the worthy successor of the Honor 8X

After an Honor 8X released in October 2018, the brand returns a year later with its successor, the Honor 9X. In the table of differences, we can note the presence of a retractable

DualSense: the PS5 controller also on the run?

After the Xbox Series X controller, it's the turn of the PS5 DualSense to show off, in the heart of nature ... A few days ago, the controller of the

It’s official, the Xbox Series X will be available in November!

Along with the postponement of Halo Infinite, Microsoft is confirming the availability in November of its Xbox Series X. It's a fact, video game enthusiasts have an appointment with the "next-gen" at

Xiaomi: Mi Band 4 vs Mi Band 5 | Comparison and Review

Before buying the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet, I did not take the time to compare its characteristics with that of the previous version. I mainly focused on the presence

The Last Of Us Part II Game Review

Seven years after their first adventure, Joël and Ellie are back in The Last Of Us Part II. The opportunity to immerse ourselves one last time in this incredible world

Nacon Unveils Tennis World Tour 2 Gameplay Review

Over two years ago, Bigben began its Tennis World Tour promotional campaign by presenting this tennis simulation in the form of teasing. After unveiling the players and game modes, the title was released on several

Epic Games: ARK Survival Evolved Review

On Thursday, as I was writing the few lines on ARK: Survival Evolved, I'm sure Epic Games only posted one free. I returned there a little later and here is

Tesla stock will go from $ 1,300 to $ 300.

We explain why? Wall Street is on fire. Tesla share will be divided by five. Tesla has a busy schedule for the next few weeks, and the events in question

In Annecy, a flying taxi startup is talking about it

Its goal: to relieve congestion in cities by developing flying taxis using waterways. It was in Annecy, not far from the shores of the lake, that Alain Thébault decided to

Japan wants to trivialize flying cars by 2023

Flying cars could arrive much earlier than expected, Tokyo is investing large sums to democratize this means of transport. While the automotive sector is slowly moving towards electric, trying to

Lucifer Web Series Review: what could contain the rest of season 5 on Netflix

Lucifer's showrunners have already given some details on what awaits us for the rest of the series. A brief overview and projections ... Warning, the following article contains spoilers on

Friends: are the reunion of the cast to be thrown into oblivion?

There's not even a date for the special Friends episode for HBO Max anymore. Can we forget the idea of ​​seeing it a day? Friends fans have been dreaming of

The Prince of Bel-Air : The Reboot

The reboot of the Prince of Bel-Air is progressing but could take a very different direction. It is indeed a dramatic series that is announced. It is the "fashion" of

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