Bluehost offers good service and usability on the basic features, but my conversations with customer service have been extremely disappointing. Since the prices are nothing special either, I would personally recommend other hosters. Before you make a final decision, you should take a look at the affordable packages from Hostinger.


Can Bluehost still hold its own in the currently crowded web hosting market?


Bluehost is fine, but not good enough. Bluehost is a decent web host, but there are simply better providers out there with higher quality hosting and cheaper prices. One example at this point is Hostinger.


The provider has been in the hosting business for more than 20 years and that’s why Bluehost has made a name for itself.


But is that also a good one, you might be asking yourself? That can depend on who you ask. Some praise the provider as being reliable and user-friendly, but others on the internet are less nice.


The company’s services are available in English and the company offers shared hosting, VPS, and also dedicated hosting solutions. Unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t disclose where the data centers are, even though the provider hosts over 2 million websites.


I wanted to try Bluehost Review for myself and I bought the basic WordPress package. Now I was able to test the service and share my entire experience with you. I will also be honest with my opinion.


It was quite a unique experience. I’ve seen things at Bluehost that I haven’t seen at other web hosts. More precisely, I haven’t seen them at any other company.


If you do research online about Bluehost, you will find that many websites rate the provider quite highly. I think this has less to do with being honest about Bluehost. I guess it’s more because of the generous commission programs that Bluehost offers. We take a closer look at the service and check whether it is worth the money.


Now let’s find out if Bluehost Review can provide your website with the speed, features, availability, and customer service it deserves. Are you ready? Then let’s get started.


Bluehost review is fine, but not good enough. Bluehost is a decent web host, but there are simply better providers out there with higher quality hosting and cheaper prices.

Bluehost Review covers the basics

You should always view the list with the functions skeptically. It is not uncommon for website hosts to mention the advantages of cPanel as “special features”. However, the reality is that it is offered with almost all hosting packages.


What features would I like to see? The important ones, of course. For example, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that improves both website availability and speed worldwide. An integrated firewall and a security suite so that both visitors and the website are optimally protected.


Unfortunately, the features advertised by Bluehost are on the first list. We’ll take a closer look at them in a moment and we’ll have some fun with it. But first, we have to praise Bluehost a little.


All packages are well stocked with resources. Among other things, there is 50 GB of storage space for simple packages. I’ve seen other basic packages that just contained 500MB. This is of course sufficient for a medium-sized website. It’s even enough for an eCommerce store with hundreds of HD quality product images.


With every hosting package from Bluehost you get the following features:


SSL certificates ensure the safety of your visitors


All Bluehost packages come with an SSL certificate. Now it has to be said that SSL is a kind of standard procedure for most website hosts, but it is still worth mentioning.


SSL certificates activate a wonderful lock in the address bar. They encrypt the connections of your visitors and guarantee the authenticity of the data that is transferred between the server and the visitors.


Why is that so important? Because you can’t run an e-commerce shop without it. Furthermore, Google has admitted that websites with activated SSL get a better ranking in the search results. If your competitors have it and you don’t, guess who will come in second.


To install the SSL certificate, you have to contact customer service. It’s not as easy as you think. But as soon as you’ve asked for it, the company will take care of it.


Automatic installation of WordPress and updates

Installing WordPress is not difficult. It used to be quite annoying, but today there are one-click mechanisms that take care of it quickly. Still, it’s great that every WordPress package from Bluehost comes with WordPress pre-installed. You don’t even have to go to cPanel.


Bluehost review will also take care of the updates for you. Updates aren’t complicated because most of the time all you have to do is click an update button. However, one likes to forget them.

A detailed to-do list for each new website


For me, that’s one of the greatest features BluehostReview has to offer. I don’t know why she never mentions or even advertises the company.


Designing a website is a process. As with all processes, it is easy to get bogged down. The first steps are clear – you have to install WordPress on your server and connect a domain. But what happens after that?


Designing your pages is one step. SEO settings and optimizations are also part of it. However, there is a great risk that you will get bogged down quickly. I thought at times that I had finished a website. Then suddenly at night I woke up and it occurred to me that I had not configured a data backup.


Immediately after setting up your account, the Bluehost Review dashboard will present you with a to-do list that contains all the necessary steps. Once you have completed a step, tick it off accordingly, and continue. Nothing is easier than ticking things off on a list, right? It really doesn’t get any easier.

Blue host is best website for Shared WordPress Hosting

The list contains all of the points that I have already mentioned. You can also find adding users, improving performance, scanning for malicious files, and so on. You can also simply click on “Let’s Go” next to the individual items and you will then be redirected to the corresponding page.


If this is your first time designing a website, this list will definitely be a blessing.

Bluehost also offers you some non-functions


OK, we were nice, but now let’s have some fun. Bluehost advertises WordPress on the hosting page with a list of “features” that simply cannot be ignored.


Did you know that Bluehost is “installing the latest, most secure WordPress version”? This is great because I was expecting an old, outdated and less secure version. I can already consider myself lucky!


Another gem is that Bluehost review provides access to “several hundred themes”, free and premium. This is exactly the idea behind WordPress. Designers and developers create themes for the platform that you can then use on your own website. This is not a feature of Bluehost, but one of WordPress .


My favorite, however, is “Secure configuration of login data”. Thanks to this feature, you can even change your login details at Bluehost and I quote “The choice is yours”. At Bluehost you can choose your own password! Why has nobody thought of such a function before?


If you take it seriously, the last function means even more work for you . The provider could also let you choose your own password right at the beginning. Then you would not have to call up the WordPress settings and change the password for the administrator there. That’s a little nonsensical to be honest.


View full feature list >


Bluehost offers good service and usability on the basic features, but my conversations with customer service have been extremely disappointing.

As a web designer and developer, I would first like to commend the Bluehost Review, the design team. Understanding what users really need is not an easy task.


I felt comfortable right from the start. Soothing blue and white, a clear page structure, and a detailed listing of the differences in the hosting plans. This is where many other website hosting companies could cut a slice.

Create an account with Bluehost Review 


Choosing a package is easy and then all you have to do is go through the registration process. I chose to use my own domain and then entered my personal data. Payment information followed and I was officially registered with Bluehost! I just had to set a password.

After entering a password and clicking Create Account, I got an error message.


I entered the password again and received an error message that I am not allowed to use a password that I had already used before. So I tried another one and got another error message. After the third password and a third error message, I decided to take a different approach.


I opened the Bluehost homepage and clicked login. There I entered my username and my last password. That worked. If something similar happens to you, just try registering. I cannot explain why these error messages appear.


You can find a complete step-by-step description of my registration including screenshots here.

Installation of WordPress and connection of a domain


After you are logged into your account, you enter the data for your website. It’s just like using a Softaculous auto-installer. You will then answer various questions.


However, I have the impression that my entries have not achieved much. Still, I felt special for a moment. Choose a theme if you want (I skipped it) and then you will be redirected back to the Bluehost dashboard.


You can find a detailed report on the installation process and my experience with connecting a domain here.

Half account settings, half welcome screen


The design of the dashboard is good. I was very happy with my to-do list and started looking at the features. Whenever you change tabs, a welcome screen appears that gives you an introduction to the relevant topic.


The thing is, the screen pops up quite often and the loading time for it is always 2-3 seconds. In the end, you are more than enough trained and I wish the user experience was a little smoother at this point. A modern design is a little wasted when it is made up of equal halves of features and splash screens.

Bluehost Half Settings and Half Welome Screen

Apart from that, don’t forget to change your WordPress password. I do not know the standard password at this point and the customer service could not answer this question either.


Check if Bluehost is right for you>



Great performance and reliable runtime


After setting up my simple WordPress appearance – The Beloved Burritos – I decided on the Twenty Nineteen theme. It’s a simple theme and I didn’t add any additional media files. That way, we should get a good feel for what Bluehost has to offer.


The first step measured the loading speeds of the pages and the performance of the website itself. The Sucuri Load Time Tester does it!

Bluehost Great performance and reliable runtime

What can we learn from it? Some things to be precise. First of all, Bluehost does not reveal the location of its data centers. But we see the fastest loading times in Montreal (Canada) and in some Western European cities. It looks less promising for Asia and most of the United States.


Note, however, that the website’s real speeds will be slow. A few high-resolution images, some additional plugins, and a visitor from San Francisco may have to wait 2 to 3 seconds for the website to load.


Based on these results, I would advise you to think very carefully about where your target audience is from. If it is outside the green area, then you might be better off using a different web hoster.


OK, on ​​to GTMetrix.

Latest Performance Report through GT Metrix

Our simple website does just fine. Bluehost review has implemented server-side optimizations. This means, for example, compression with GZIP. The provider also provides a plug-in that takes care of caching.


Finally, let’s take a look at the runtime. Most hosting companies advertise with a runtime of 99% or even 99.9% and also guarantee this. We all know, of course, that 100% is somewhat unrealistic, but that would be the goal worth striving for.


What is surprising at this point is that Bluehost does not provide any information here. The word “runtime” or “uptime” is hardly mentioned at all. That’s thought-provoking.


This is usually not a good sign. You almost get the impression that Bluehost has something to hide. That’s why I monitored my website using UptimeRobot. A few days are not particularly meaningful, but I can report a run time of 99.94% . That’s not bad, but it doesn’t guarantee that it will last.


Now I ask myself the question: Does Bluehost think that running time is not worth mentioning? Do the people responsible for the content think it’s not a selling point?


What do we conclude from these results? For me, the biggest problem is the data center thing. It’s just ridiculous that you don’t know where your website is physically hosted. As you can see in the graphic, the performance varies globally depending on the location.


Check the Bluehost’s performance>



This is what a bad customer service experience looks like


On paper, Bluehost offers 24/7 customer service via live chat and phone . The reality is different and at this point the complete service fails. Customer service isn’t just bad, it’s completely backward.


My first conversation with the Bluehost team was before purchasing the package. I contacted the company via live chat, saved my details and was quickly put through to an employee in the sales department. After the first contact, I always had to wait at least a minute for every single answer.


Twenty minutes of chatting just to ask if there’s a monthly subscription and how the money-back guarantee works is a bit long .


However, I wasn’t prepared for what to expect afterwards. After creating my account, I looked for a way to contact customer service through my customer portal. Nothing. Just a “?” Symbol redirected me to the general help center on Bluehost. There I was given the opportunity to register again.

Blue host

I clicked on Login and was then redirected back to the customer portal. A click on the help symbol led back to the help center. All I could think of was to use the chat option again like the first time before registering. But now I clicked on existing customers.


Within a few seconds, I was able to speak to an employee who asked for the last four characters of my password to verify me. I beg your pardon? My nephew is still a toddler and even he knows that you will NEVER share your password – that also applies to part of it.

bluehost Support

A bit puzzled, I asked the employee if she could see my password and compare it with the characters I had given. “Unfortunately no,” she said. At this point I would like to make it very clear: if she can see my password, then that would be a data protection violation of the highest category.


What happens if you share four characters of your password with someone? You make it a lot easier for others to hack . I voiced my concern and only then was I given a second option before verification. That was a token via email.


Can’t you just verify your identity because you’re logged in? Apparently not. The systems are not interconnected. Whenever you contact customer service, you will need to provide some form of verification. Quite simply, this is the worst and most unsafe method I’ve ever come across .


I still played along (with a password that I created especially for Bluehost Review!) And was “verified”.


I asked for an easier way to contact you. To my surprise, customer service redirected me to an old cPanel page that should have a link below. At the bottom, there was a link to oDesk. The company has been known as Upwork since 2014, but I haven’t found a link to customer service.


After I realized that the employee had no idea what she was talking about, I started a new chat. Here, too, I had to be verified again. I asked again for a better way to contact customer service. I had to wait a bit until the employee asked a “higher authority”.


After waiting around 15 minutes, I got the answer that there is no better way to contact customer service .

Bluehost Support and Live Chat

I just wanted to finish. That’s why I asked for a name server to connect my domain. After I received the information, the employee tried to sell me a service that I didn’t need .


My last request was that SSL be installed. Customer service told me it would take around 1 to 2 hours. That was also the case. Just for comparison, I’m telling you that other hosting providers can do this in four minutes.


The conclusion at this point? Customer service is slow and really badly organized . There is no documentation and most employees are not very knowledgeable. Then you just have to wait – a long time. Please forgive me for not testing customer service over the phone.



Minimum one-year subscriptions at average prices


Bluehost review has a simple pricing structure.The provider offers so-called shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions.In addition to the normal hosting offers, you can also choose “tailor-made” WordPress hosting.


At Bluehost review, the description “tailor-made” in the WordPress package means that you are limited to WordPress, in contrast to the normal package where you can install any CMS (Content Management System).Otherwise, the packages are pretty much the same.

bluehost pricing chat

There are also packages called “WP Pro” and “eCommerce”. This is basically shared WordPress hosting with a few additional services and a few pre-installed plugins. That’s nothing special at this point.


Each type of hosting comes in three or four packages. The advanced packages include more storage space and the ability to host an unlimited number of websites. All packages include a free domain for the first year.


You can take out subscriptions for the packages for one, two or three years. If you are interested in monthly payments, then Bluehost is not for you.


What about the prices themselves? They’re not that bad at all. They may not be the cheapest packages on the market, but they are definitely affordable. This is especially true if you take out a three-year subscription.


Should you buy the package for three years? I do not think so. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of packages that require me to plan three years in advance. The requirements can change every month or even daily.


During the checkout process, you find out that Bluehost would like to sell you some additional items “by default”. They have relieved you from thinking whether you want to subscribe to a few additional services and ticked the box for you. I don’t think that’s that great.


Note that you can always book these services separately later. If you are not careful at this point, the costs will quickly double or triple. That’s why I would uncheck all of them.


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Minimum one-year subscriptions at average prices Bluehost review has a simple pricing structure.The provider offers so-called shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions.In addition to the normal hosting offers, you can also choose "tailor-made" WordPress hosting. At Bluehost review, the description "tailor-made" in the WordPress package means that you are limited to WordPress, in contrast to the normal package where you can install any CMS (Content Management System).Otherwise, the packages are pretty much the same.

When it comes to payment options, you can choose between Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Each subscription is automatically renewed and it is up to you if you want to change the setting.