After the Xbox Series X controller, it’s the turn of the PS5 DualSense to show off, in the heart of nature …


A few days ago, the controller of the (future) Xbox Series S was seen in nature , in its packaging. Remember that for its future Xbox, Microsoft has chosen to offer a controller very similar to that of the current Xbox One, with a real desire to place its Xbox Series X at the heart of an already known Xbox ecosystem. The opposite of Sony which, with its PS5, will notably offer a brand new interface, as well as a brand new controller.

No DualShock 5 for the PlayStation 5, but a rather intriguing DualSense, which was recently taken over by Geoff Keighley, a “hands-on” session which had a little trouble convincing the players… Still, it is now the turn of the PS5 controller to appear on the networks, in the hands of Chinese props.

dualsense ps5 blue ps background
ps5 dualsense 1280x720 1

No prototype here, it would be the “real” PS5 controller, in the final version. The opportunity to learn that the latter will be equipped with a 1560 mAh battery, a capacity greater than that of the DualShock 4. According to Galaxy666 on Twitter, the buttons are more pleasant than those of the PS4 controller, and “good, Of course, the joystick buttons are not backlit ”.

As of now, we know that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will launch in November, probably on Friday, November 6. On the side of PlayStation, we still cultivate the mystery, even if there is a good chance that this new PS5 will be available only a few days apart. In 2013, the PS4 and Xbox One launched just a week apart. It remains to be seen at what prices the two “next-gen” consoles will be displayed …