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The Jabra Elite Active 65t earphones correspond to the “sport” version of the Jabra Elite 65t. They have a slightly different design and especially a coating allowing their use during your sports sessions. Thanks to a copy sent by the brand – which I thank at the same time – I was able to test these headphones. Here is what I thought of the Jabra Elite Active 65t.

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On the beautiful box in the colors of the brand, a large format photo of the headphones is present on the top, just like the name of the brand and the main characteristics of this model.
The box of Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones

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Inside, everything is perfectly stored in different compartments. In addition to the headphones positioned in a mold, the box includes a hard case, a charging cable, and some documentation (express start guide and warranty booklet).

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To close this chapter, we can note that the headphones are delivered with 3 pairs of silicone Eargels tips of different sizes (S, M, and L). You are bound to find a pair suitable for your ears. I would point out that it is very easy to replace the tips. It seems silly and yet there is nothing more annoying than spending time on this stage.
There is no denying it, Jabra knows how to deal with the packaging and content of its products. It already exudes quality.

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Elite Active 65t headphones are in-ear headphones equipped with 4 microphones and protection against wind noise thanks to an acoustic open chamber.

They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and have the advantage of being able to connect to 2 different devices simultaneously. In total, the headphones can be paired with 8 devices.

Finally, they are IP56 certified. In other words, they are protected against dust and splashing water. You understand, you no longer have any excuse for not doing your weekly jogging.

Finally, the headphones weigh less than 7g each (6.5g for the right earphone and 5.8g for the left earphone). As for the charging case, it weighs 67g.

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The first thing you notice when you discover the headphones is their particular shape. These are in-ear headphones, but you will see that the tip is quite specific. Both headphones are identical with one exception, but we’ll see that a bit later.

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The tested copy corresponds to the blue and copper headphones. The whole earpiece is blue apart from the central part, in the shape of a circle, which features a “Jabra”. This is the copper-colored button which also corresponds to the “clickable” areas of the headphones.

IMG 7211

They could have followed the same shape as the central part but by putting on the headphones, you will understand the usefulness of this “growth”. Then, the rod on which the silicone tip is positioned also adopts a specific shape. When turning the headphones over, a letter (L or R) indicates which ear to place the device in.


Once you’ve done the tour, you quickly want to wear them and test the sound quality. Seeing their shape, one wonders how to install them in the ears. It is not immediately obvious at first glance. It’s not that complicated and once you figure it out, it becomes natural.
You have to place the earpiece tip in the ear canal and then rotate the earpiece to the correct position. You will then understand better why Jabra designed headphones in this shape.

Jabra Elite Active 65T Review earbuds schematics
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The headphones, despite their dimensions which may seem imposing, are ultimately quite light. Once you put them in the ears – with the right tips – you almost forget about them. This is a good sign because it means they are comfortable and the weight is under control.
Now let’s talk about the case that comes with the headphones. It serves as well to protect them as to recharge them. Apart from a “Jabra” on the front – just below the opening system – there is no other inscription.

Capture 4

It is on the lower edge that Jabra has positioned the location where to connect the USB socket and the LED. I’m not sure I put it in the same place but hey.

The box looks pretty solid and the charging system snaps into place as soon as the headphones are placed in the case. On the other hand, I would have preferred a magnet closure system. The one offered by Jabra is less practical.
Last remark concerning the case: be careful to close it well before taking it with you. If you turn it over (and it’s not closed properly), the headphones will fall off. Unlike other competing headphones – whether high end or not – they are not magnetized. They each have their place in the case, but they will not stay in place if the cover is not properly closed.
Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones stored in their case…

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When using for the first time, to pair the headphones with your smartphone, you just have to turn them on. They automatically switch to pairing mode. They become detectable by your smartphone and then let’s go!
If you need to switch back to pairing mode, the step is just as simple and similar to what is done on most Bluetooth headphones. When the headphones are off, press the button for 3s, the one on the right earphone. The flashing LED is a good clue informing you that it is time to connect them with your smartphone.
A little further down, I’m talking about the Jabra Sound + app but be aware that you don’t need it to connect your headphones to your smartphone. The pairing steps are described there and it is used for many other things but its download is not necessary for this step.

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When you take a closer look at the headphones, you can see this small difference I was talking about above. Indeed, on the golden part present on the outside of the left earpiece, we see a small raised line arranged on each side of the “Jabra”. It is a kind of two buttons or rather two pressure zones.
One-click increases or decreases the volume while a long click will change songs. When you have the headphones in your ears, these two little raised lines are very useful for locating where to press. I admit that this manipulation is still not very simple when you do your jogging.
On the other earpiece, there is only one button. As mentioned above, it is materialized by the copper circle. One-click will start or pause your playlist. This same click will allow you to pick up an incoming call. As for the double click, it activates or deactivates the HearThrough function.
This is a function for reproducing ambient noise. As soon as you wear the headphones, your ear canal is “blocked”, this function allows you to hear the noises around you. It works, it has the merit of existing but I still found the result disappointing. The “radius” of action is not large enough. We only hear what is close.

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

The controls for the Jabra Elite Active 65t true wireless headphones
I end with a pretty cool thing: if you remove one of the headphones, the playback (video or audio) will pause. I found it very convenient. If, for example, you are interrupted while watching your series, removing an earpiece will pause your favorite series. No risk of missing anything. Playback will resume if the pause has lasted less than a minute. This feature can be disabled from the Jabra Sound + app.

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You will find on the Jabra Sound + application available on iOS and Android the description of all the commands available on the headphones but it is not limited to that.

The application will mainly allow you to update the headphones, to know the battery status, to make adjustments (including the choice of the voice assistant), and to adjust the equalizer. This is useful for tailoring the headphones to your audio preferences.

Thanks to the motion sensors integrated into the headphones, the application can provide you with some information similar to that which you will find on a bracelet or a connected watch such as the number of steps or the duration of the activity undertaken. It’s more limited than a dedicated application, but it’s interesting and innovative to have integrated such sensors into small headphones.

If all brands could benefit from such an app, that would be perfect. It is very intuitive and comprehensive.

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As soon as the headphones are taken out of their case, they will turn on. Their activation is automatic so no need to press a button at each exit. You just have to put them in the ears and enjoy it.

Once your playlist is launched, music instantly plays. The result is good quality and the sound is quite balanced. Whatever style of music you’re listening to, it’s fun to listen to. Also, the insulation is really good.

Even if it may seem anecdotal and yet it is important especially when listening to music: I did not notice any interruptions or problems during their use. The connection with the smartphone turned out to be very stable.

My feedback is the same regarding the audio portion of calls made with the headphones. The voices are perfectly audible and my correspondents have never had a complaint either. There is another useful function for incoming calls, the headphones will give you the name of the caller. What a surprise during the 1st call. It’s great because of no need to take a look at your smartphone.

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During my jogging sessions, I have already worn several headphones without checking their resistance to water and perspiration. For once, I don’t have to ask myself too many questions because the Jabra Elite Active 65t has water resistance. This means that they can even be used in the rain. However, they are not designed for swimming sessions.

The other important point when you go to exercise with headphones or headphones is whether they will stay in place. If you choose the right bits, there is no risk of falling. Well, I happened to reposition them but they never fell.

On the other hand, as indicated above, it is not easy to change songs by keeping the correct button pressed while running. As much as increasing/decreasing the volume is done easily and quickly, the other manipulation is still less practical. It would have been nice to be able to modify the controls from the app.

After this trial of a few weeks, I confirm that the headphones have not suffered any consequences related to my hours of running.

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The brand indicates on its site that the listening time is 5 hours with a charge and 10 hours more thanks to its hard case.

To summarize, with the box, you have the equivalent of 15 hours of listening or 3 cycles. This is pretty much what we see in reality.

As soon as the autonomy reaches 20% – figure displayed on the smartphone in the Bluetooth menu – you will hear a female voice informing you that the battery has reached a low level. From what I remember, I don’t seem to have had a second message before the cut due to a lack of battery.

The other way to know the state of charge is to check on your smartphone or the app. As for the case, it will change from green to orange then to red depending on its condition. The led lights up as soon as you install the headphones. This is a good way to know when to charge the case. I remind you that a micro-USB cable will be used. It is provided in the box.

The mark indicates that 15min of charge is enough to provide it 1h30 of autonomy, a figure that I did not verify during my test. Whenever the need arose, I fully charged the headphones.

The last important point in this chapter, it will take about 2 hours to recharge the headphones via the box and the micro-USB cable integrated into the box. You noticed correctly, no USB-C or wireless charging for this model.

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The Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones are priced at € 169.99. At Boulanger or Amazon, they are currently sold for € 129.99, which makes them an attractive offer.

They come in 4 different colors: copper / blue, black, copper / red and copper / black.

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The Jabra Elite Active 65t earphones are of excellent quality, offer good sound, and are protected against splashing water. In short, these are good headphones to recommend, including for athletes.