Flying cars could arrive much earlier than expected, Tokyo is investing large sums to democratize this means of transport.

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While the automotive sector is slowly moving towards electric, trying to abandon the thermal as much as possible, Japan likes to stand out. For some, the future will not look exactly like we imagined when we were little, with flying cars, etc. However, many startups are working to deploy at least flying taxis, like Uber, EHang, Airbus, or even Boeing. The Japanese government is going even further by investing large sums of money to democratize flying cars as a completely normal means of transportation by 2023.

In 2020, it is completely possible to get into one of these vehicles capable of taking off and landing vertically, and Japan intends to transform this action into a habit such as ordering an Uber for example. The Japanese startup SkyDrive is one of the most recent, and yet one of the most promising. Recently it presented the SD-XX, an eVTOL vehicle as big as a car, and capable of covering tens of kilometers at 100 km / h. Today it is the most compact flying car in the world.

This summer, SkyDrive hopes to complete the testing phases of its vehicles. Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of SkyDrive, is a former engineer at Toyota. He explained to the Japan Times, “We are considering launching an air taxi service in major cities, whether Osaka or Tokyo, with initial flights over the sea, as it would be too risky to fly over many people all over the place. at once “.

The latter also said that his company is recruiting new brains and that development “is accelerating rapidly with the increase in the number of people in the company”. For the launch of its service, the startup initially aims to serve a few stations such as Universal Studios Japan. Secondly, Tomohiro Fukuzawa explains: “The initial model will fly mainly on autopilot, but it is not 100% autonomous, because a pilot would need to maneuver it in an emergency, for example”. The ultimate idea is to sell these vehicles exactly as we do with classic cars.