Lucifer’s showrunners have already given some details on what awaits us for the rest of the series. A brief overview and projections …

lucifer season 5 everything we know so far july 2020

Warning, the following article contains spoilers on the episodes recently posted by Netflix for the series Lucifer, but also on the sequel. If you don’t want to know anything, we invite you to watch the “torrid” video that was uploaded before the release.
The first part of Lucifer season 5 was recently uploaded to Netflix ( we invite you to re-read our review here ). It ends with very many questions and leaves many possibilities open for the rest. A quick overview of what this can mean for the future.

Lucifer, the showrunners play the teasing card

In the final moments of the Lucifer series, the time has stood still on Earth with Lucifer and Michael facing each other. But that’s where their father, God (played by Dennis Haysbert) comes in to end the debate. It is his role that questions us for the rest of the series.
What role will God play in the next episodes? Could he be the real villain of this season 5? This is what the showrunners suggested with a cryptic explanation, to say the least.

The antagonist is God, while at the same time being the person Lucifer really wants to have a conversation with. (…) In the case of God, there is no one that Lucifer has more desire to hit while wanting to take him in his arms.


As for the other characters, several major questions remain.
.Can Maze forgive Lucifer when she has just allied with Michael? According to the showrunners, there is a way to “fix this relationship.
.Dan who discovered the truth about Lucifer does not seem to have taken the news very positively. A complete episode of the second part will be dedicated to him.
.Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship should continue to evolve. The Devil could notably say to the inspector “I love you”.
She also has to face her bad discovery. She did indeed learn that her boyfriend was a serial killer. “This season, she will twist and as an actress, it’s great to play,” the actress has already said.
More broadly, the second part of season 5 should be more moving, in order to respond to a darker first part. Now all that remains is to be patient.