As you may have noticed when leaving your home, there are electric scooters on every street corner. There are many models and at different prices. I had already ridden an electric scooter but not to test them in real conditions, for my daily trips. Thanks to Revoe who allowed me to walk the streets for two weeks on his Revoe Street Motion Tech II scooter and after having traveled nearly 50Km, I can finally give you my impressions.

The Tech II of the Revoe brand is an electric scooter that has a 36V Brushless motor that delivers 250W. It allows him to propel his user up to 20Km / h knowing that there are 3 modes of assistance. You can set it via the LCD screen on the handlebars, a screen that provides other information including the total distance traveled.

It is equipped with 6.5 ″ wheels, front suspension, and LED lighting at the front and rear.

The scooter is equipped with two braking systems: an electric brake at the front and a mechanical (or friction) brake at the rear.

It is powered by a battery with a capacity of 4.4ah which gives it an autonomy of 15Km and it will take 3 hours to fully charge it.

Finally, the Tech II has dimensions of 972 x 440 x 1450mm for a weight of 9.5Kg and can support a pilot weighing up to 100Kg.

Before starting the description of Tech II and giving you my impressions, I wanted to remind you of a few rules. They are not mine. This is the information issued by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition through a simple and understandable document for all. This new regulation on electric scooters was, according to the latest news, to come into force at the start of the September school year but I have not been able to find whether it had been validated by the National Council for the Evaluation of Standards (CNEN) and by the Board of state. It aims to introduce regulations dedicated to these new personal travel vehicles (EDP).

Here is a summary of the takeaways:

  • The speed of the machine must be limited to 25Km / h,
  • It must be equipped with an audible warning device, brakes, and retro-reflecting devices,
  • It must be equipped with front and rear lights.

This decree includes other rules but I focused on the points directly related to the device used. As you can see from the technical sheet, this Revoe Tech II scooter is therefore suitable for walking on asphalt… and not on the sidewalk. It may seem obvious and yet I have found it useful and important to remember these few rules.

The Street Motion Tech II adopts a clean design. It is composed of an aluminum structure and has good finishes. Quality is at the rendezvous. All black with a few touches of red, it is rather pleasant to look at.

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On the non-height adjustable handlebar, there are the throttle and brake “levers” on each side of the LCD. The accelerator is on the right while the electric brake is on the other side. Next to the latter, the brand has positioned a small bell, a very useful little accessory to be heard.

The socket for the mains charger and a circuit breaker is located under the display. Going around the handlebars, we come across the white front led light which lights up via a button on the screen.

As you descend along the fork, you end up stumbling upon the brand’s logo placed just above the Tech II’s sole shock absorber. It is nice to have one because it improves comfort and provides better stability, but it will not absorb all the imperfections of the road.

REVOE Tech Elektroscooter Scooter Elektro Roller Schwarz Faltbarer CGK6Z41

The two rigid wheels are fitted with mudguards, the rear one serving at the same time as a brake (friction brake).

The small crutch, located on the left front of the platform, is very useful when you park it. Once the kickstand is unfolded, the scooter stands perfectly upright and is very stable. This avoids bending it even if this manipulation is very simple to perform.

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Note that the platform is covered with a large non-slip surface, a good way to ensure good foot support, even in rainy weather.

The platform is not wide enough to put the two feet next to each other, but its length allows you to position them one behind the other without touching the rear fender.

I will make a point about the rear brake which works the same way as a traditional scooter: you have to press your foot on the mudguard to brake. It is a mechanical friction braking system.

It works well and is less powerful than the electric front brake. During your journeys, I strongly advise you to slow down first with this system before using the front brake.

I find that the rear brake reflects the quality a little less than the rest of the scooter, probably due to the less stiff material. It’s not crooked or anything but I felt like it would be something to watch out for in the long run.

Apart from this last point, during the tests, I did not notice any vibration, noise, or abnormal behavior. I regret it a little because it saved me precious time when traveling.

On the handlebars, the LCD is there to give you some data on the trips made with the scooter. Important point: the data remains readable even with good outdoor light.

By pressing the main button for a few seconds, it lights up, displays a “Hello”, and presents some information.

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By default, by turning on the meter, you will find the last selected driving mode, the battery level, and the total number of kilometers traveled so far.
Pressing the main button again brings up more information including the duration of the last trip and the number of km covered during it.

190925 test trottinette electronique revoe tech 2 29 550x413 1

By pressing once on one of the arrows, you decrease or increase the speed of the Tech II: 1 for 5hm / h, 2 for 10km / h, or 3 for 25km / h. The speeds indicated are maximum speeds… I will come back to this subject a little later.

Once your meter is on, long press on the up arrow will turn on the front light. It is essential to be seen. Like all vehicles on the road, it is important to see well and be seen well by others.

Let’s go back to the speed of the scooter. Before broaching the subject of the difference between real speed and measured speed, I want to point out that thanks to the throttle, you can adjust your speed. If you push it all the way, you will see that the acceleration is real. When starting up, do not hesitate to give a little boost to reach your cruising speed more quickly.

As indicated above, this type of vehicle must not exceed 25 km / h. That’s good, it’s the maximum reached on the meter … except that it’s not quite correct. Already, the manufacturer’s technical sheet indicates 20km / h and not 25km / h, and finally, it is even a little less.

When you are on it and you have a meter in front of you, you don’t have a question, unless you have some element of comparison. It was finally while walking next to the Tech II, still with the speedometer on, that I realized the error.

Even though I walk fairly quickly, it is still difficult to reach a speed of 7-8km / h. Yet that is what the screen showed me. I decided to dig into the subject a bit and timed myself over a distance. The results are clear: the speed of the scooter oscillates rather between 16-18km / h, which is far from the 25km / h displayed on the screen but closer to the figure announced by the brand (20km / h).

Well, I wasn’t trying to set a speed record on my trip to the office either, but it seemed important to me to point out this point. Now, it may be related to the model loaned by the brand. I don’t need to specify it, but your speed depends on several factors: the road, the incline of the latter, your weight …

The folding system is very simple and similar to that offered on traditional scooters. In short, you only need to press a button to be able to fold the handlebars down until you hear a click. Once in this position, you can choose how to transport it.

REVOE Street Motion Tech II Scooter P302

Having worn it several times, I can say that close to 10kg at arm’s length can be difficult for some people but the good news is that Tech II is one of the “light” ones.

I find that it lacks a system to be able to attach a strap or some other means to transport it more easily. It applies to this one but to many other scooters. The other solution is to push it or pull it like a suitcase. It also works very well and is less tiring.

If you have to place it in a car trunk or if you just want it to take up less space, you can remove the ergonomic handles.

Once again, the operation is simple to perform. You squeeze the lugs and pull. Please note, the brand has not provided a system to fix the handles or to keep them “hooked” to the handlebars. The advantage is that you can store them in a bag during transport. The downside is that you shouldn’t lose them.

To open the Tech II and use it again, the procedure is the same as for folding it. You press the button and straighten the handlebars until it clicks and locks.

Before moving on to the next chapter, I have summarized all this for you in a small video

On paper, the brand announces a range of 15km. This communicated figure is true in real conditions but again it will depend on your use.

If the routes you take do not hold any surprises (relief, road condition), you will reach this distance, or even exceed it a little. On the other hand, if you test the capabilities of the scooter, you will not reach this number. In addition to suffering in the climbs, the battery takes a hit.

Likewise, the driving mode selected will have an impact on this criterion, but I didn’t see the point of making my daily journeys with mode 1 (5km / h).

Before the battery indicator completely drains, you will observe a few warning signs. As soon as it no longer manages to reach “25 km / h” on a normal road, you have started the second part of the battery. I do not know if it is wanted but it is what I observed during my various phases of testing.

Once the battery indicator runs out and starts flashing, it’s high time to find an outlet to plug in the scooter. As soon as you connect the device via the anti-static electricity charger provided for this purpose, the LED on the latter lights up red. It turns green to indicate that the scooter is charged and ready to ride again. It takes 3 hours to fully charge it, a figure announced by the brand.

190925 test trottinette electronique revoe tech 2 08 550x413 1

It is a shame not to observe a charging indicator on the led display. There is no indication that the scooter is charging. A little animation with a battery filling up would have been enough.

The Revoe Tech II scooter is available at 249 €. Surprisingly, it does not appear to be listed on the Revoe website which instead highlights its more high-end model, the Revoe Revolt.

On the other hand, you can buy it on merchant sites like FnacDarty, or even MisterGoodDeal. At the moment, it is even offered at 219 € at Fnac and Darty.

With the range and speed offered, I would say that the Revoe Street Motion Tech II scooter is very good for short, everyday trips. With its rapid folding system and small dimensions, it can accompany us in transport, all for less than 250 €.