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Over two years ago, Bigben began its Tennis World Tour promotional campaign by presenting this tennis simulation in the form of teasing. After unveiling the players and game modes, the title was released on several platforms in June 2018. A few days ago, a Tennis World Tour 2 gameplay video was unveiled.

When the 1st opus was released, several criticisms were made, including the absence of official tournaments and certain champions, variable playability, and graphics lacking realism. It is to be hoped that the various contributors to this new edition have taken these comments into account. This will be the only way to become the new benchmark in the game of tennis.

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There is nothing better than a game to realize how the game works, but in the meantime, we must be content with the content of the press release sent at the end of last week. The first positive point is that several aspects of the game have been completely redesigned to improve the fluidity of the game and its realism. The other point that makes me want to take an interest in the game is the arrival of the doubles (up to 4 players). We can a priori also count on richer content and short matches (tie break). It’s beautiful on paper but we have to hope that it materializes as it should in the game.

Regarding the stadiums, not sure that the game has obtained the agreement or the licenses to exploit the most famous. It is still early to say but for the moment only Manuel Santana in Madrid and the OWL Arena in Halle are mentioned. It was already a subject on the 1st opus. Of course, it’s more fun to find stadiums like Roland Garros – which was the subject of a specific version of the Tennis World Tour – or Wimbledon but if the game is good, we can forget this point.

For the players, there will be many champions but will they all be there? This remains a mystery for the moment. Another novelty compared to Tennis World Tour: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will be there. The second was present in the 1st opus but the other great tennis champion was absent. We will finally be able to organize duels between two of the greatest players in tennis. I look forward to knowing the full list of the 38 players mentioned in the press release.

If you have been following the release of the Tennis World Tour, this figure is already good news because, in 2018, only 31 players were available. Well, we have to wait for the list to find out what it is made of. At the moment, we only know of one other name: Ashleigh Barty. So be reassured, you can play as players and not just anyone since the Australian player is simply the No. 1 in the WTA ranking. There is, therefore, progress on this subject even if we would like to be able to have more of them.

Last subject listed in the press release: Nacon and Big Ant Studios list several game modes: career mode, quick match, online, tournament, ranked match, and the new mode called “Tie Break Tens” (short match in 10 points winning ).

Good news for players, Tennis World Tour 2 will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch next September. Pricing has yet to be revealed – likely at the same level as the First Edition – and we don’t yet know if there will be collector versions or versions optimized for next-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox One Series X).

Have fun!

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