The reboot of the Prince of Bel-Air is progressing but could take a very different direction. It is indeed a dramatic series that is announced.

wills smith

It is the “fashion” of recent years. Take an old series that had its heyday and try to restore it to its former glory through a modernized reboot. Many have been doing it in recent years with varying degrees of success. For a successful project like Hawaii 5-0, there are five Baywatches, able to quickly bury the dream of returning a franchise. The Prince of Bel-Air, the old series that blew Will Smith up in the eyes of the world is also on the program as we learned (to our great regret) several months ago. The project clearly seems to be moving forward.

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But, according to information from the Deadline site, the goal is not really to copy and paste the original series. A very visible trend so far and which often plays a role in the failures of reboots. The desire of some studios to want to take advantage of past success without bringing anything new does not really find an echo with the general public.

This is perhaps why the Prince of Bel-Air 2.0 would take a different direction a priori. While humor was clearly the goal of the first series, the second will take a more dramatic turn. The story would, therefore, resume that of the original show but with a different tone. At the origin of this vision is a short film uploaded to YouTube and viewed millions of times. Will Smith himself had welcomed this very special adaptation.

At present, no broadcaster would be linked to the project, but this is not for lack of interesting platforms. The project is going to be auctioned and bids have already been made for a complete series, without even having to go through the pilot box. Clearly, the series on the prince of Bel-Air seems destined to end on our screens.