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The Korean manufacturer never ceases to innovate. His latest idea is to provide suitable support for the photos and videos we all take in portrait. If the fact of filming with your smartphone held vertically has been widely criticized for a long time by some on the Internet, it is nonetheless a new format standard. Who says the new format says new screen.

This new television, called The Sero, was designed by Samsung to offer ideal viewing comfort for photos and videos captured in portrait mode by a smartphone or a camera. For this, it offers a long diagonal of 43 inches and invites all users to share the content and their production Instagram and others on its screen.

For this, the television obviously has all the necessary connections to receive the content of a telephone without any wired connection. However, to keep the experience smooth, it is better not to have too heavy file formats like CR2, RAW format, and convert some files using Movavi Converter software.


samsung sero

Obviously, Samsung is not fooled and the manufacturer suspects that few consumers would be willing to spend € 1,400 in a vertical television which would serve them almost exclusively to consult the stories of their friends. This is why the first vertical television, The Sero, rotates to become a classic television.
In addition, this new television model is the latest addition to Samsung’s Lifestyle range. This range is famous for the beautiful finishes of its products since Samsung wants to make a range of trendy decorative objects at the cutting edge of technology. The Sero, therefore, offers a refined and refined design that makes it a real object of curiosity.

The Sero, the latest Samsung TV, will also be a smart TV. It takes with it a smart speaker equipped with Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. Thus, the television can be entirely controlled by voice, but also perform a certain number of actions, in particular thanks to an Internet connection.
The integration of Bixby with Samsung products seems to be gaining ground. Another effort on the part of Samsung to satisfy the new habits of generations born with a smartphone in their hands and who have become accustomed to simplifying their lives thanks to a voice assistant.