The well-known publisher of 3D graphics designers, Autodesk, launched in April 2020 its new version of its compositing, finishing & color grading software, Flame 2021. This update is notable because it expands artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, speeds up creative workflows, and many more features to see right away below! Version expands AI capabilities, simplifies finishing of services streaming media, and accelerates creative workflows while adding Dolby Vision HDR creation and display.


New features are highlighted for visual effects, color grading, look development, and editorial finishing. Useful for compositing, color grading, and finishes, the artificial intelligence-based facial segmentation tool automates all tracking, identifying, and isolating facial features, including nose, eyes, mouth, wrinkles, and cheekbones. Incredible, isn’t it?

Watch what’s new in the presentation video:

flame 2021 effects explorer filtering 624x390 1

The new features of Flame 2021:

Segmentation of the human face by machine learning: isolating and extracting alpha layers for skin, eyes, lips, nose and other facial features via AI
Save and Recall Color Scoring and Visual Effects: Quickly save and recall color grading and visual effects work in the new Explorer
Dolby Vision HDR display and workflow
Physical defocus: this makes it easier to add depth of field to shots
Pre-made GMask Shapes: New pre-made GMask smooth shapes are available for colorists, composers and finishing VFX artists in picture and action nodes
Viewing Area: A new video preview mode shares artist windows, including storyboard, manager, and outline, to SDI or HDMI preview monitors. In broadcast mode, masks can now be observed in the display area when editing with any other tool you manipulate directly.

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